10 Tips to Become a Top-Performing Graphic Designer

Upgrading your skills as a graphic designer will land you more exciting projects and increase earning potential and bolster your performance. In this article we will be introducing some useful tips to get from good to great as a graphic designer!

Earn a Degree in Graphic Design
While some employers expect a portfolio and previous experience, others prefer choosing a candidate to have completed at least an undergraduate degree in graphic design. Consider choosing a degree to gather new experiences, theories and practices needed for a designer.

Go Take Online Courses
Don’t underestimate the value of online courses! Even with formal education and experience, doing online courses can help you to review important graphic design principles and pull new insights on the latest tips and tricks from other professionals in the field.

Look for a Mentor to Help You
Finding a mentor can be tricky. Look for a teacher whose work or career inspires you. They can be teachers, past or current colleagues in the field and working professionals. After connecting with one via social media or a professional network be sure to ask them if they would be willing to mentor you by emphasizing what you would be hoping to learn from them or what inspires you about their work.

Dive into Design Books
Books are an awesome way to find insights and ideation processes behind many of the best well-known designers. Many famous designers have published books about their approaches to design, their styles, techniques and tools and what they think about their work and others. Besides that, there are other books about design which include great designs of history and biographies which could offer new realizations pertaining to design.

Learn to Critique your Work
Being an expert at critiquing your own work is an essential part of your designer career. You need to look back at your past work and think critically about what elements worked and what elements didn’t. The ability to revise work and extract what things could be improved is a great tip towards finding greater success.

Challenge Yourself with Exciting Projects
Say “Yes!” to challenges! Why? Because taking projects that push you just outside of your comfort zone will allow you to grow new skills and confidence needed as a graphic designer.

Start a Personal Dream Project
Create personal projects on the side where you can freely express your creativity, try new skills, tools and techniques. These are for your personal growth and exploration. So go crazy and wild!

Create a Collection of Stuff that Inspires You
Collect anything that sparks creativity and inspiration for your designs. They could range from images from magazines, art photos, to real-world objects. For instance, you may find a sea shell with a unique color or shape that you want to incorporate into a project later. Even sketches and scribbles can be important sources of inspiration and should be collected.

Consider Training in UI/UX Design and/or Copywriting
Many design projects will require you to collaborate with a team of different professional and creative backgrounds. They could include writers, animators, UI/UX designers. Consider taking courses and gain the skills of these professions. By cross-training you will be better equipped for collaboration

Join Creative Discussions
Join events to network with fellow designers and open yourself up to the creative world. Attend workshops or seminars to meet creative professionals, prospective clients or even employers. By joining these opportunities will allow you to learn more about the design industry as well as learn new trends that may be relevant in the future.

By following these top ten tips, you will be a top performing graphic designer in no time!

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