10 Top Graphic Design Tips All Creators Should Know

If you are starting out on your graphic design journey, here are the top 10 graphic design tips all creators should know! Let’s jump in!

Think about your Audience!
Whenever you’re creating your design, it’s a great idea to stop and think who are you making your design for? Maybe you are creating something for a client or a friend? Sometimes it means stepping out of your comfort zone to make your target audience happy. And it’s not a limiting factor, rather a challenge that will increase your creativity and graphic design skills to the max!

Learn from Others
Before you start creating something for your client, it’s important to look around. Go watch your competitors. See what they are doing, and then do it better. It’s good to be inspired by popular trends, but don’t just follow them. You should look, study, get inspired and then put your own twist on it which makes your content recognizable. Following these steps will help you create a masterpiece that is recognizable in your style!

Bring Contrast to Stand Out!
Opposites attract! It’s in our DNA to be interested in the unusual. It’s eye-catching and it’s a designer’s job to draw in our audience’s attention. Use opposing colours and contrasting fonts. Using small tips like this can help deliver a big message!

Size Matters!
Big objects attract more attention than small objects. It’s just a fact. Make sure that your principal subject is the larger object. The viewer is always drawn to the largest object first. That means you have to understand the scale of the elements in your design such as text, subjects, everything!

Be Consistent with Colours
Use a colour palette. Unless you are aiming to create crazy contrast in your art, it’s a good idea to use colour consistency in your design. This creates a visually pleasing experience that will draw in your viewers. So, for the love of good design, be consistent with colours.

Think of Harmony
Aesthetics are everything. When you are designing, it’s important to create something that will give you and your audience pleasing vibes. This could mean aligning your shapes and objects. For instance, if you have a slanted image background, then maybe it will be a good idea to have your text be read on a slant.

It’s Okay to Take Breaks!
Avoid burnout! It’s totally acceptable to take a break! Go on a walk! Rest your brain! Maybe you are in a situation where you have no creative ideas coming to mind. That’s perfectly alright! Grab a coffee or watch some anime. Just let your batteries recharge and your creativity will flow back. Have a break and bounce back!

Create a Design a Day Challenge to have fun!
A great way to have fun and get better is to challenge yourself! Everyday is a new day to grow and develop your skills and creativity. No matter how simple or complex, creating a design a day is a great way to get your creative juices flowing and have fun!

Save your Ideas!
Who knows when you will get struck by the spark of a new idea! Whether you are walking to the fridge or out on a sunday stroll you might suddenly get an idea that you want to try! A notebook is a great way to save all those ideas from fleeting away. Try keeping a notebook of your ideas where you can doodle and sketch out ideas!

Be You!
The ultimate advice any designer can give you is to be yourself. Only you can put something wonderful into this world that was never dreamt of or concepted because there is only one of you. It’s great to practice and learn from others, but to stand out, you need to make your own rules and styles. So [practice, study, learn, grow and find what it is that makes you you!

And there you have it! Hopefully this article will inspire you to achieve further heights and get you excited to start designing!

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