2 Easy Ways to Discover Your Brand Voice Through Design

A brand voice is an expression of your company’s personality. It’s what people hear when they think about your company and how you present yourself to the world. Your brand voice can be expressed through your website, social media channels, marketing materials and more. It’s important that your voice reflects your business and speaks to your target audience in a way that resonates with them. So here are 2 easy ways to discover your brand voice through design.

Decide On Your Fonts

Choosing the right fonts goes a long way to getting your brand message across to your target audience. After all, your fonts speak just as loudly about your brand as the words you write. This is because choosing certain fonts can leave lasting impressions and subtly affect how they perceive what your brand is all about. Sounds complicated? No worries! Remember that some fonts, like Serif, are associated with tradition and respectability. On the other hand, fonts like Sans-Serif are more associated with modernity, and coolness. So spend some time choosing a font that can best represent your brand voice.

Designer Tip: Write down a list of 10 brand value words that you want to establish for your brand. These can range from “trendy” to “hip” to “traditional” and “classic”. With this list you will be able to more easily select a font that exhibits these characteristics.

Think About Color

Color conveys tone! Color shows feeling! Colors build associations! Why is this important to creating your brand voice? Well imagine if you are a chocolate milk brand and all your cartons were green. People would see green but would have difficulty associating it with chocolate compared to all your other competitors. Color is so important that 90% of product judgment is based on color alone. That’s a huge decision about your brand based on a single element.

So think about what colors you want to brand to evoke? Warm colors tend to evoke action. Cold colors tend to make people feel more calm. Colors can influence people’s mood and purchasing behavior. Once you have decided on your primary colors, it’s time to think about your secondary and maybe even your supplementary colors! Building a color palette can be used to help craft all your brand content like posts, social media banners and even stories.

With these two easy tips in mind, you will be able to discover your brand voice through design.

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