3 Best Tips To Maximize Your Visual Assets

Best Tips To Maximize Your Visual Assets

What is a great product image? A great product image can mean the difference between someone buying your product, and not. The right asset makes what could be an unappealing screen for your customers into a beautiful piece of art that can even help you sell more. In this article we will give 3 of the best tips to maximize your visual assets.

Optimize For Different Platforms
You shouldn’t waste your money on social media optimization. You want to make sure you get all the most dollars out of each image that represents your brand, but it all depends on what platform you’re using. The more platforms you use, the more time wasted in creating new images. So instead, why not optimize your existing images for each social media site?

Key is to be savvy and strategic about the social media platforms you use. For example, Pinterest is an ideal platform for promoting product sales and information. If a longer image does better on Pinterest then use that when relevant. Facebook and Twitter have much shorter dimensions (images are smaller) so you will need to work harder to make your point.

Make Pinterest Your Best Friend
Social media is all about being present online and actively engaging with your audience. While many still think of Pinterest as a great place to find adorable kitten pictures and all the DIY mason jar ideas human beings could dream up, it’s really so much more. The average Pinterest user will spend $179 after they’ve clicked through to your site, while Twitter and Facebook users will only spend $69 and $80, respectively. This is due to Pinterest positioning themselves as a “visual discovery” engine, rather than a traditional social media site.

Pinterest is meant to inspire users, so why not let your company’s visual assets help with that inspiration? By using tools like Tailwind, you can even track your presence on Pinterest and figure out what images are truly inspiring your audience.

Try Out Coolab!
Not all companies are inherently visual in nature, but that doesn’t mean a non-visual company can’t create beautiful images. Maybe you’re an accounting firm – how could that ever be visual? Well, can help! Getting creative with art is easy when you use! Create a beautiful picture with words, make a message stick out, or show off your company’s strengths and capabilities in a colorful way. These templates are free to download, so you can create them today. is a design tool that comes with hundreds of custom designer templates. With an easy-to-use user interface, no design skills are required. Best of all, it’s totally free!

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