3 Color Inspiration Tips Designers Keep Secret

Designers sure know a lot about color. But where do they get their inspiration from? Here are 3 color inspiration tips you can use to come up with new and exciting ideas for your designs!

Use a Color Wheel
Using a color wheel is a must for aspiring designers to find inspiration from colors. A color wheel is a model where all the colors of a spectrum are depicted transitioning from one to another. They’re awesome in showing the relationship between colors. Two things to know are complementary colors, which are colors that contrast or are opposite each other in the color wheel, and analogous colors, which are colors that sit beside each other. Analogous colors are great for showing harmony and balance while complementary colors are great to create piercing, eye-catching text and images.

Steal Ideas from Other Design Fields
Dealing with color is something that different design fields share in common. For instance, interior designers need to harmonize their spaces with objects, textures and color schemes that blend well and work together. Sound familiar? That’s exactly the same challenge almost every designer in general faces with color. So why not delve into other creative fields and steal some ideas. Discover their ideas for color use. Keep your eyes peeled , and who knows? Maybe you will tap into a new world of creative color techniques!

Draw Inspiration from Nature
If you take inspiration from nature, the possibilities are endless. Whether you look at foliage, fruits, landscapes, animals, all things can become a source of color inspiration! Best of all, whether you want to go on a nature walk, or check out animal photography from National Geographic from the comfort of your studio, many of these sources are easily accessible and available to all. So get hunting and be creative!

With these three easy secrets, anyone can become inspired to do more with color!

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