3 Common Myths About Good Design To Avoid (Part 2)

As one of the most popular arts today, more people are taking an interest in graphic design. However, for first time designers seeking to boost their graphic art skills, there are many myths and misconceptions to avoid that even aspiring designers often believe to be true. Here are three common myths about good design that you should avoid.

You Need Fancy Tools For Good Design

It’s true to some degree that most professional designers will use sophisticated design software and a tablet and stylus. But these tools can be quite costly and take many years to master. But don’t be discouraged. The good news is that the average person looking to get into design does not have to make costly purchases to create awesome designs.

Pro Tip: There are many free design tools easily accessible on the market (including comes with tools and hundreds of designer templates that make graphic design easy to make while giving your brand an elevated and professional look.

You Just Need Good Looking Font

Good font is of course beneficial. But it’s not what really matters. What’s important is having a font that amplifies your brand message and values to your target audience. For instance if a brand wants to emphasize a traditional feel, perhaps employing a cursive font will bolster that image. Otherwise, using solid sans serif fonts can offer your brand a refreshing modern take. Other things to consider could include the boldness of the text, the size, other combinations of other fonts on the page, the spacing between letters and even the color of the text.

Just Follow The Latest Graphic Trends

It is the job of all graphic designers to stay on top of the latest trends. But we cannot be slaves to them. The same can be said for all beginners looking to create amazing graphic designs for their businesses. Trends quickly come and go in the graphic design industry. They can be fun to incorporate into your designs, but they shouldn’t be the main focus. After all, a design based on fleeting trends might look outdated a few months down the road. This means they might not have the same powerful impact on their audience as it once did.

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