3 Common Myths About Good Design To Avoid (Part 3)

Graphic design is one of the most popular art fields to date. As more people take interest in pursuing a graphic design career or hobby, it’s important to dispel the myths and misconceptions of creating great graphic design work. In this article we will cover three 3 common myths about good design that you should know avoid.

Only Creative Geniuses Can Do Good Design

Sure, creative geniuses have a natural streak and visual eye, but that doesn’t mean you need to be a natural born talent to make great designs. Just like anything, graphic design is a skill. It can be taught and learned and with time, anyone can make awesome designs.

Pro Tip: You don’t have to start your graphic design journey by yourself. There are plenty of tools and resources available to help you master the art of graphic design and create polished works. For instance, check out Skillshare courses or Coolab.

Graphic Design Is Just About Pretty Pictures

Probably one of the biggest myths about graphic design is that it’s only about making pretty pictures or things aesthetically pleasing. However, there’s two problems here. One is that what is determined as ‘pretty’ is subjective. This means that if one person thinks a design looks good, another may find it to be ugly. The second is that ‘pretty’ isn’t always the goal of graphic design. After all, a design template that looks beautiful and neat for a beauty or fashion brand may not work for an extreme sports or hardware brand.

So what is important is the message of the graphic design work. Is the objective to make the viewer associate the image with beauty? Or is it to prompt shock and excitement in the viewer?

Graphic Design Is Just About What The Creator Thinks Is Good

Graphic design isn’t just about creating what the artist wants or feels looks nice. Rember, that the designer isn’t creating the work for themselves or even the client. It’s all about the audience. Thus, graphic designers put aside their personal tastes to create visuals that are going to send a message to their intended viewer. The artwork must be able to resonate with the target audience. This exact approach taken by professional designers should also be done by regular people creating their graphic designs using an app like

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