3 Expert Tips To Use Visual Hierarchy For Designs (Part 2)

If you are creating a design, one thing to keep in mind is visual hierarchy. What visual hierarchy is simply put is the order in which your viewers perceive your design elements. Visual hierarchy can have a big impact on how understandable your designs are. So to help, here are some expert tips to help you use visual hierarchy effectively in your designs.

Use Typography

If your design includes text, using typography hierarchy is a must! To get a basic understanding of what typography hierarchy is, think of a newspaper. You have your headline, subheadline and body copy. So with this three level approach, you can apply it to any type of design. Use your headline to showcase your most important content. It should be the most immediately visible element. Next, your subheadline should organize your designs into sections. They shouldn’t stand out as much as your headlines but should still be able to clearly direct your readers. Finally your body is your most text-heavy section which will have the complete message. Whether it is long or short is not as important as its legibility since it will generally have the smallest font.

Use Fonts

The look of your fonts can also add visual hierarchy in your designs. Think of your fonts as personalities. Some fonts are louder and more flamboyant than others. Others are more quiet but interesting. So think of these qualities and find a context to use them to help organize your designs.

Use Space

Space or blank space is one of the most important, and often overlooked principles of design. Ever see a flier that has too much information on it. Its message is totally cluttered and confusing because there is so much going on. Using space can help balance and separate your elements to a more orderly design. So use space to give your viewer’s eyes a place to rest and travel through the design. And use space to separate your design into sections. The result will be a clean and understandable design.

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