3 Social Media Trends to Try in 2023 (Part 2)

Social media is constantly evolving. New trends and features are introduced every year, and brands must keep up with this rapid pace if they want to reach their audience effectively. Here are some social media trends to try in 2023.

The Rise of LinkedIn Content Creators

Guess what? LinkedIn is older than Facebook. So why is it on our social trends of 2023? Simple. It’s about organic engagement. More creators are taking to LinkedIn to stand out as experts in their respective fields by creating content that showcases their personality and expertise. So if you have been overlooking LinkedIn in the past, now is the time to perhaps reconsider.

SEO and Keywords Gain Greater Relevance

Want to know something interesting? Nearly half of Gen Z are using Instagram and TikTok to search instead of Google. So if you are looking to get your content discovered, then you need to make posts and think what kind of keywords are suitable to maximize your discovery for those posts. Nowadays, more users are looking for personal experiences from TikTok stories and honest reddit reviews. In fact, a good tip is to create a list of keywords that you would like to associate with your brand and then create social content around those keywords.

Gated Content

Notice a growing trend of gated content on Instagram and other social media platforms? There are a few reasons for this. For instance, creators and brands want to see a deeper connection with your most loyal followers. Creators want to “own” their content as well as to avoid the fatigue of “suggested content”. Last but not least, creators want to capitalize on “exclusive content”.
With these three insights into social media trends in 2023, you will be able to maximize your digital marketing efforts.

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