3 Things you need to know about 3D Avatars and the Metaverse for Marketing

3D Avatars and the Metaverse for Marketing

The Metaverse is a digital reality that combines elements of augmented and virtual reality, online gaming, and crypto-currencies where users can interact virtually. One of the coolest features about the Metaverse are avatars which are playable personalized characters that are controlled by users. In this article we will dive into what are avatars and why is it important for your marketing brand? So here are the 3 things you need to know about 3D Avatars and the metaverse for marketing.

What exactly is an Avatar?
If you are a social media user, probably at some point you’ve most likely uploaded a photo to individualize your account. Likewise, a 3D avatar can be customized in any way you choose for specialized individualization. This can be anything from clothes, hairstyles, tattoos, and even bizarre things like horns, tentacles and wings! Anything that can be imagined can be created!
Your avatar is the digital representation of you in the Metaverse, and thus an integral part of the virtual experience. They allow you to fully express your meta-identity. As a part of individualizing and building that identity, you buy things for your avatar to wear and attach.
If you are using Coolab services to design your 3D objects, you will also be able to create the avatars you are looking for as realistic and personal as possible.

What Kinds of Avatars are there in the Metaverse?

In the Metaverse, all of the different kinds of avatars generally fall into one of these two categories:
VR Avatars- typically the user sees the world from a first-person perspective of the world through the avatar’s point of view. Other metaverse participants can see the upper torso part of your avatar.
Full Body Avatars- the user has a greater freedom of movement inside the virtual world. Sensors are used to recreate the entire body’s movement, allowing the user to pilot limbs to interact with digital assets in the digital space.
Understanding what kinds of avatars you choose to create is an important step as it can affect the overall feel and experience in the metaverse. Therefore, it can be important to choose a service that can help you easily create the avatar of your choosing.

What are some Avatar Marketing Trends seen in the Metaverse?

We introduced a bit about what an avatar is and the two major types that can be created. However, it’s important for a marketer to understand some main trends of marketing in the Metaverse provided through avatars.

Real-World Products sold in virtual worlds: There have been a few instances of real world products being sold in virtual worlds to real consumers. For instance, Nike sold virtual shoes that allowed wearers to run faster than other avatars. In the virtual world There, Levi Strauss promoted a new style of jeans by offering virtual versions for sale to avatars. These virtual versions were priced in in-game currency (in “ThereBucks”) at a premium to other generic virtual jeans available.

Virtual Sponsored Events: In the virtual world of Habbo Hotel, Kellogg’s sponsored a competition where digital residents were asked to decorate their personal rooms in various Pop-Tart–related themes. The winner of the event received exclusive in-game items.

Digital Goods sold in virtual worlds: In the Sims Online, McDonald’s installed virtual fast-food kiosks able to serve virtual burgers and fries to players who made their selections from a clickable menu. Intel incorporated its logo into the screens of virtual computers that helped players improve their game skills.

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As you can see from all the examples mentioned above, the possibilities of using your avatar are only limited by human imagination. The Metaverse is a new frontier where people can find new experiences in virtual worlds through the help of their avatars. In order to take full advantage of the Metaverse and to create the ideal avatar you need, you will need to find a platform that can support this type of technology.

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