4 Basic Things You Should Do When Building Your Personal Brand

Building Your Personal Brand

Creating a strong personal brand is key to successfully building positive relationships with your customers. But what exactly is a personal brand? A personal brand is the customer’s lasting feelings and impression of what you as a company represent. Here is a four basic things you should do when building your personal brand.

Know How You Want People To See You
The first thing you need to decide is how you want people to see you as a brand. Is your brand down-to-earth, friendly, easy, casual, and fun-loving? Maybe it’s something more tied with elegance, prestige, high-class and luxury? Knowing how you want people to feel about your personal brand is the first step you need to take in building your brand.

So ask yourself questions about how you want people to feel towards your brand. What is your distinctive style? What are your core offerings? What are your strengths and weaknesses? A good exercise you can do is to create a SWOT analysis for your brand.

Know Your Target Market (And Competitors)

Whether you are making a design or starting a new business, you need to know who you are dealing with. Afterall, the customer is king, and whether you are doing good or bad is up entirely to the customer. So you have to keep the customer in mind. Consider making a customer profile and personas. Think of what they like or don’t like. What does their typical day look like? In addition, look at your competitors. What is similar and what sets you apart from them? Knowing what is different can help you fill in the potential gaps in the market.

Know Your Tone Of Voice

Knowing your brand is much more than how it looks. It also means how your brand conveys itself. It should be clear what language your brand uses in all of its marketing and designs. This all goes back to how you want to portray your brand. It would look weird if a sophisticated brand sent out emails greeting people like “Hey, what’s up?” But a friendly, down to earth brand may in fact want to portray a familiar tone to its audience. So write some examples of how you want to communicate your brand as a guide.

Decide Your Font and Designs

So once you know your tone of voice, it’s time to start crafting your designs. This is an integral stage as now you are building the visual experiences that your audience will associate with your brand. After all, having effective visual designs will make a memorable customer experience. All the elements of your designs will reflect your personal brand. Use consistent colors and typography as they have the power to instill certain emotions and moods which can help boost customer positive perception towards your brand. Research different fonts and colors that align with how you want your brand to be perceived. A great tip is to research color psychology when choosing a color scheme. For instance, purple is often associated with luxury and wealth. A brand that wants to associate with those traits might also want purple in their designs.

With these four things in mind, you will be able to start developing your personal brand.

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