4 Perfect Reasons Why You Should Design Something Everyday (part 1)

Practice makes for perfection. While the idea of perfection is illusive, the end goal of creating that perfect design that all designers seek to reach is very real. As such, it’s imperative that you challenge yourself creatively to reach that goal.

Ready to give it a try? Here are four perfect reasons why you should design something everyday.

Be An Expert In What You Know
All masters in their field will admit there is always room for improvement. After all, learning is a lifelong process and commitment. While practice makes perfection, having small design challenges everyday will take your skills to the next level. Consider taking an epic design challenge, like designing one t-shirt everyday for a year.

Imagine Creatively
Creating small projects can help you practice thinking outside the box. This can be as simple as a project where you draw three words out of a hat and then create a design based on those chosen words. This helps to test your creative skills to their fullest potential and will benefit your future design endeavors.

Observe Your Environment
It can be easy to go about your day and not be aware of one’s surroundings
But a true design master would take in inspiration from all sources, especially from their surroundings. So take in and observe! Be aware of all the smallest things to the largest things around you in your daily life. It’s not as easy as said, but doing so would not only benefit your creative skills but also might inspire your next future project!

Refine Your Typography
Typography skills are a definite must in the design world.
Many designers practice their typography skills on a daily basis.
So be sure not to neglect typography! Try small projects to create typography styles that speak to your personality and style. Try a game where you choose popular short phrases or sayings and try to customize a typography inspired by them.

For anyone interested in design, they should always try to challenge themselves everyday. Like all skills, design requires constant growth.

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