4 Perfect Reasons Why You Should Design Something Everyday (part 2)

Practice makes for perfection. While the idea of perfection is illusive, the end goal of creating that perfect design that all designers seek to reach is very real. As such, it’s imperative that you challenge yourself creatively to reach that goal. You don’t need to do so everyday, but at least on a consistent basis you should give it a go.

Ready to give it a try? Here are four reasons why you should design something everyday.

See Life Through The Lens of a Camera
Want to see life differently? Maybe try looking through the lens of a camera. If you do, maybe you will start to notice all the small details around you. So pick up a camera. Try to carry it whenever you head outside for a walk at the park or relaxing in your studio. Create a personal project where you test out certain themes and compositions.

Test Out Color Palettes
Knowing what color combinations work takes practice. So to test your creative mettle, consider participating in a color palette a day challenge. Find the color scheme that best resembles your day for a week. Whether the colors are beautiful, ugly, cold or hot, they will all be engaging and inspiring. After all, color perception can shape mood. So test out your skills!

All It Is To It Is Practice
Just like any skill, you need practice. You can learn from a variety of different sources. Check out design blogs like here at Coolab, as well as books, videos and tutorials. Just like how athletes and musicians need practice to get better at their craft, designers are no exception. So be sure to set some time to practice when you can!

Find Your Inspiration
Inspiration can strike us at any moment. So be prepared to let it in when it does. For instance, after watching the original trilogy of Star Wars, you become inspired by the movie. So you create a series of famous quotes from the films with an unique color scheme and typography that best suits each chosen phrase.

For anyone interested in design, they should always try to challenge themselves everyday. Like all skills, design requires constant growth.

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