4 Perfect Reasons Why You Should Design Something Everyday (part 3)

Practice makes for perfection. While the idea of perfection is illusive, the end goal of creating that perfect design that all designers seek to reach is very real. As such, it’s imperative that you challenge yourself creatively to reach that goal. You don’t need to do so everyday, but at least on a consistent basis you should give it a go.

Ready to give it a try? Here are four reasons why you should design something everyday.

Experiment With Colors
Colors are an integral part of the design process. After all, colors give off personality and mood. Colors can shape how your audience reacts and interprets the art piece. So a fun way to experiment with colors is to create a color diary of things you find everyday that speak to you.
You can also align objects to their corresponding color on a pantone chart.

Create Characters
What can be more fun than creating some interesting, loveable characters? Try challenging yourself to create a new character design everyday. Making believable characters can be hard. But by practicing something regularly, you will become better at creatively thinking.

Do an ABC Challenge
There are many challenges inspired by using the ABCs to create a series of designs. For instance, a designer can challenge themselves to create a design subject and typography inspired by each letter of the alphabet. For instance, for the letter A, a designer may illustrate an exotic apple with the phrase “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” with a unique font. There are many more unique challenges to pick and choose from on the web so go wild!

Speed Runs
For the ultimate challenge, a designer can do a speed run. The goal of a speed run is to do a project as fast as possible. Sometimes there is a time limit. Regardless if you need to complete the image in 30 seconds or under 5 minutes, there are no drafts or redraws. Just the fun and excitement of spontaneous creativity mixed with the anxiety of time limits. So if you want to be a design guru, consider trying out a speed run and see how well you do!

For anyone interested in design, they should always try to challenge themselves everyday. Like all skills, design requires constant growth.

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