4 Perfect Reasons Why You Should Design Something Everyday (part 4)

Anyone interested in design should consider challenging themselves to creating a fun project on a regular basis. If you are in need of some cool ideas to boost your creativity this article will introduce you to four reasons why you should design something everyday.

Ready to give it a try? Here are four reasons why you should design something everyday.

Make It Personal
Having trouble coming up with new innovative or creative ideas? Maybe you can have your next project connect with you on a personal level. See if you can tie your project with something in your everyday life or something unique to you. For instance, you could make a project that is part fashion illustration diary, part visual diary. You could illustrate fashion styles and clothes that exhibit your mood on that particular day. So try and see if you can connect your next project that is entirely something you!

Choose A Theme Challenge
Picking a theme can be a great way to structure your creativity without spending too much time thinking and worrying about design ideas. So quickly pick a theme. Maybe you want to choose transport vehicles. So everyday you create one design based on a different transportation vehicle everyday. Have fun and be quirky with it!

Daily Routine Challenge
Continuous practice is almost a necessity towards making a skill from good to great! Try doing a daily routine challenge. Limit yourself to 10 minutes everyday to create and finish a design. Don’t worry and make mistakes! Just let yourself go and go with your creative flow.

Play with Trends
There are so many viral art trends on social media. Go online and find inspiration from an ongoing popular trend. Experimenting with a trend can be a great way to test out new skills and to explore art and design in a new way. And who knows, maybe your designs may go even more viral?

For anyone interested in design, they should always try to challenge themselves everyday. Like all skills, design requires constant growth.

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