4 Perfect Reasons Why You Should Design Something Everyday (part 5)

If you need reasons to challenge yourself to create something amazing, then look no further. In this article we will give you four reasons and ways to challenge yourself on a regular basis. Any growing artist should realize that in order to develop their skills, they should practice on a daily basis.

Ready to give it a try? Here are four reasons why you should design something everyday.

Improve your Weak Areas
It’s always important to continuously finetune your skills. Part of that learning experience is knowing where your weaknesses lie. Finding out where you are not comfortable is essential for growth. So embark on a project where you test your skills in areas that you feel you are not skilled enough. Measure yourself with a before and after to see yourself grow.

Go with the flow
If you feel like structure and planned out ideas ruin your day, don’t let it bring your mood down. It’s time to test your natural artistic instincts. You can create a spontaneous project. Just go along with randomness and your creativity flows. No need for planned themes or anything. How you feel and where it leads you is just part of the fun and exciting process.

Start a friendly competition
There’s nothing more exciting than a game of friendly competition. So bring in a friend or a group of friends. Create some rules and guidelines to go along with. Then challenge a friend or openly invite a community to a game of artistic design challenge. There is nothing better to motivate yourself than a competition.

Challenge Yourself
Daily challenges are a great way to promote personal growth. It’s time to make your own rules. Test your abilities. A daily challenge can be whatever you want it to be. It can be as easy as setting up a specific task like drawing an object that is in front of you or drawing your favorite animal.

For anyone interested in design, they should always try to challenge themselves everyday. Like all skills, design requires constant growth.

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