4 Points to Consider while Designing your First Ad

A Bold Headline

Your ad needs a prominent headline!

The first thing your customer’s eye will land on will be the headline. Make sure it is succinct. Make sure it is detailed. And most importantly, make sure it is in their face.

Your audience should have a clear idea of what you are all about, and what it is that you offer.

Color Scheme

Resist the urge to print an ad with light text on a dark background. The whole point of an ad is to ensure that your products or services get bought by potential customers. Use color schemes that are easy on the eyes. This usually means dark text on a light background.

Be Wary Of Images

It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, do not throw in an image for the sake of including an image. This may damage your advertisement’s effectiveness. Use images that are relevant to the offer or the message you are trying to put across.

Clarity Is King

There is no need to fill every millimeter of advertising space with content. 10 concise words will always be better than 100 when the average audience only looks at ads on average for 7.5 seconds. Keep your points and content concise.

The same applies to visual content as well. Clutter will confuse your audience. Keep things simple and interesting!

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