4 Quick Tips for Ad Design

1. Keep it simple!
Big flashy graphics are appealing, but oftentimes they will actually distract your audience from the real goal or purpose of your ad. Less is more.

2. Consistency is key
The voice and tone of your brand must be consistent. Keep a copy of your brand guidelines and values next to you the next time you design graphics for upcoming campaigns.

While you may be tempted to break boundaries and push your creativity, don’t go so far as to break your brand to the point where it is unrecognizable. You want to make sure your customer and viewer experience is seamless.

3. Don’t be afraid of stock
Original imagery, graphics and videography are great, but are often expensive, time consuming or sometimes impossible. Don’t be afraid to use stock. It’s there for you to use, often you can refine it and really make it your own.

4. Keep the visual journey in mind
As stated above, consistency is key. You need to remember that your customer won’t only see your ad. If you do your job right, they will go on to see your website, your store, and other imagery, etc.

You need to remember how your ad fits in with your website, and these other elements your customer will experience, and make sure that your customer experience is carried throughout their whole journey.

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