4 Ways To Come Up With Awesome Merch Ideas For Your Brand

Awesome Merch Ideas For Your Brand

Thinking about ways to come up with a merch line can be quite difficult for independent creators. When you want to make merch for a specific platform for a specific audience, production will be on a smaller scale and the designs more distinct than a mass production model. Here are four ways to come up with awesome merch ideas for your brand! Let’s get started!

Define Your Brand

The first step is to align your products with your content. Are the products aligned with your brand? For instance, if you are a digital artist, you can use your art into merch hoodies and sticker merchandise. If you are a livestream gamer, maybe creating youtube gamer hoodies and caps would be awesome! Crowd favorites also include tote bags, mugs, caps, phone cases, and t-shirts.

Gather Responses From Your Followers

Be sure to ask for ideas from your followers. As about merch ideas on online surveys to see what items they would love. You might be surprised by what they may have in mind.

Check Out Other Creators

See what other content creators are doing in your scene. This way, you can see what items are popular or if you will be creating something that your followers cannot relate to. This is about balancing your creativity with popular demand.

Work Out Your Design

Once you have worked down your merch ideas, it’s time to work on graphics and taglines to see what resonates with your followers. You can run a poll to see what are the best designs and slogans. Make a quick sketch of your merch and ask for feedback. Use the feedback to finalize your design.

With these four tips you will be able to work out some awesome merch for your brand. If you are looking for a 3D design tool to make designs check out Coolab. is a free, easy to use design tool with hundreds of custom designer templates to choose from. Try out now!

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