5 Advertising Mood Boards Examples To Inspire You

There’s nothing quite like a good mood board to help get your creative juices flowing. And whether you’re a design novice or an experienced pro, here are 5 advertising mood boards examples to inspire you.

Extreme, Exciting, Edgy Sports Mood Board

Color and value are key elements in creating exciting and dramatic mood boards. Check out the use of lighting, contrasting colors and dramatic diagonal lines to create tension in the images.

Classic, Luxury, Mood Board

This mood board was created by images inspired by anything resembling classical, luxury and fashion. Notice a theme using gold contrasting with a cool teal.

Warm, Whisky, Mood Board

Like the warm colors resembling whisky? A mixture of browns and tans while creating an earthly feel that is natural and comforting.

Red Focal Tokyo Mood Board

Having a focal color as a major theme can help create inspiring and impactful mood boards. In this mood board focuses on using the color red as a focal point.

Pastel, Kawaii Home Decor Mood Board

This mood board takes inspiration from anything cute, pastel, and soft. It creates a child-like, relaxed vibe for the viewer.

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