5 Amazing Instagram Accounts To Get Color Inspired

Looking to get that touch of color inspiration into your designs? Whether you are a designer, photographer, or simply an avid colorist fan, color is an integral part to your designs and can inspire to fill your life with greater hues. So here are 5 amazing instagram accounts to get color inspired! Let’s dive in!

Colours Cafe
Stuck in a rut with those same old color palettes. Then say no more, we got you. Color Cafe is a great account for people looking to find new and interesting color palettes. They also show great examples of the colors being used in each photo. So if you need to break out of a color rut, then definitely check out Colours Cafe. You will greatly become inspired!

Coolors Color Palettes

This is a great account that features color palettes on a daily basis. One great difference that separates this account from the rest is that there is a drastic change in mood between each post. So you could have one somber moody color post next to a vibrant and cheerful color post. Each post is great as it showcases each palette as well as a detailed design that illustrates the colors in action.


Kika is a company that makes natural paints. On their instagram page you can check out more colors that can be imagined! Whether from dark pistachio green to a chocolate coffee brown, you will find all the colors to get inspired from their account.

Color Palette Cinema

It’s fascinating to see how color can affect us psychologically, often at times without us even being aware.Doing so creates a strong movie device that helps tell a story. In Color Palette Cinema’s account we can see how scenes from movies are paired with a color palette. After you see Color Palette Cinema’s account you will be able to develop a new found respect for color and cinema.

Tekla Evelina Severin
Whether you are an aspiring colorist, interior designer or photographer, Tekla’s account will inspire you visually with brighter hues. Seeing her work will make you want to think outside your typical color combinations as well as expand your boundaries regarding visual elements such as architectural lines and unique shapes.

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