5 Amazing Tips for Making Even More Awesome Designs

Sometimes it can be hard to make good-looking designs. Even with all the latest tools and tricks, whether you are a design guru or just the average person, making good design is tricky. But here are 5 amazing tips for making even more awesome designs!

Do Your Homework
First things first, you need to do your research. Think about who your intended audience is. In what context? What sort of medium will you use? Even if the overall design is beautiful, it may fail to deliver an effective and memorable message. Once you decide on these big questions we can work our way down to the little details like what visual elements should be included? What font or colors to use?

Keep On The Lookout For More Inspiration
Getting your daily dose of inspiration is not as difficult as it may seem. From books, to art, to movies, to games, anything can be a vital source of inspiration. You will realize that design is everywhere and everything. Once you find something that resonates with you, you should put it into a moodboard. A moodboard will be an important source to collect and draw back from to ensure your content resonates with the style you are trying to create. For more on moodboards, be sure to check out our article: These 5 Amazing Mood Boards Will Boost your Creativity (Part 1)

Limit Your Color Palette To Four Max
Don’t go overboard with colors-unless that is your intended purpose. Color can bring out emotions. A good place to start is to understand color psychology. For that, you can check out our article here: What Does Color Mean For Your Designs?

Limiting your color palette to at maximum four will ensure a balanced and professional design. Try to stick to colors that resonate with your message and design.

Keep Things Simple
Just like color, don’t go crazy with all the shapes and lines. Just because there are different options doesn’t mean you should use them all at once. Make complex things simple. It can be challenging but try to limit the amount of visual elements and shapes in your designs. Doing so will keep your design from looking too chaotic.

Choose Two Fonts that Contrast
Fonts have their own personalities and characteristics, similar to colors. It’s a mix and match game to see what fonts work and stick to your design. Be sure to test and try each of them out to see how they feel. A good tip is to pick two fonts that highly contrast each other. Be sure to pair no more than two fonts. This will help to bring out the aesthetic from both fonts. Any more and the design will start to feel messy.

Need More Help?

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