5 Awesome Tips for Creating Minimalist Design (Part One)

Minimalism has been sweeping the design world in the past few years. But what is it? Minimalism can be described as the exclusion of unnecessary elements and focusing on what is essential. While it may seem simple, creating minimalist designs can take lots of work. To help, here are some useful tips that anyone can use to create minimalist designs.

Be Efficient

It’s all about stripping away what is unnecessary. Find what essential elements must be included. Ensure that your information is easily understood and concise while limiting the amount of visual clutter and colors in your design. Doing so takes practice but it is essential for your design.

Be Clever

Minimalism is not the absence of elements. Rather it is the careful selection when and where to use them. So you have to be smart about how you use your elements carefully.

Find Balance

Using balance as a principle will ensure no element overpowers the other. This will ensure harmony within the overall design.

Do Break Rules

Experiment and play with your design. Even if it does mean bending the rule.If flipping the font upside down works, then do so! Thanks to the simplicity of the design, even this can work well as a design element!

Feel Good About White Space

Some people are scared of negative space or blank space. But no worries! Space can help give the illusion of declutter and help your design to breathe. So don’t fret! Feel good about white space!

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