5 Best Marketing Design Tips that Everyone Should Know [Part 1]

Best Marketing Design Tips that Everyone Should Know

What if you could save the time and money you spend on designer fees by creating awesome content by yourself? With innovative design tools that are available today, you don’t need to necessarily be a great designer to create great designs and successful marketing. In this article we are going to show you five best marketing design tips that anyone can do to help boost your marketing.

Step One: Don’t Over Think Design

A main challenge of design is to create a great logo. Some people overthink and create complex art. But complex design can make it harder for people to understand or remember which ultimately loses the logo’s impact. Thus, simplicity is the way to go!

Aim to create logos and designs that have minimal colors and simple shapes. This will help keep your logo and brand memorable.

Step Two: Look for Inspiration in the Craziest Places

Where do you look for inspiration? Make a list of all the things and places that spark inspiration and creativity. Don’t be afraid to borrow ideas from other brands and people. There’s a great difference between being inspired by versus copying someone’s work. By making a list, you will be able to see how effective each idea will be able to work for you and your business.

Step Three: Pay Attention to Color

Don’t overlook the importance of color! Different colors are known to involve different feelings and meanings amongst peoples and cultures. Color will impact the way they see your brand and message. A great tip is to first create a color palette that will capture your brand personality in the best light. But don’t make it too complicated. Try to limit your color scheme for a more simple yet powerful message.

Step Four: Stick to the Font that Fits

Try to pick only one or two fonts that perfectly match your brand. Just like color, there is much about fonts that conveys personality to your audience. Is your brand formal or fun? There are also plenty of free font resources on the internet so there’s no need to break the bank to design a new font.

Step Five: Choose Suitable Images

Stick to images that are relevant! A well-placed image will show a powerful message to your audience as well as make the content more memorable. Don’t just use any old stock image photo. They’re easy to spot and can make your marketing feel cold and insincere. Try to incorporate real images as well like of your staff, customers and locations. If you do choose to use stock images, it’s easy to edit and overlay them with your own designs and text to make them more memorable and meaningful.

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