5 Best Marketing Design Tips that Everyone Should Know [Part 2]

Marketing Design Tips that Everyone Should Know

Looking for ways to save money and time by creating great design content yourself? Worried that you don’t have the necessary experience as a professional designer? No worries! Here are the 5 best marketing design tips that everyone should know. These easy tips that will help you create amazing designs that will elevate your marketing potential! Let’s go!

Step One: Make Use of Empty Space

Too much clutter in your design will ruin your overall marketing message. Too many elements in a design will confuse your audience. Instead, use of empty space will improve understandability and provide a clearer message. So keep what’s most important in your work. With simplicity in design, there is nothing to distract from the product and your message.

Step Two: Be Consistent Across Content

Once you find your footing in your design style, ensure that it’s consistent in all of your templates, ads, images, etc. Doing so will greatly help boost recognizability in your brand content amongst all other competitors. For instance, think of employing the same camera angle to take product images or using the same background. Be consistent!

Step Three: Use Object Alignment

A simple but critical tip not to overlook is to always use object alignment! Use gridlines, snap tools, rows and columns when aligning elements in your design. This will make the final product look professional and presentable to your target audience.

Step Four: Use Varied Scale

Use scaling to draw your audience’s attention to what’s more important. Elements that are more important should be bigger. This is because bigger elements will influence your audience as they will be the first to capture their eye. So use larger objects and fonts for more important information in order to create a clear message.

Step Five: Employ Content Hierarchy

Content hierarchy is the structure of elements from greatest to least importance in a design. Simply put, it’s what comes first in your marketing message. Why is it important? You will have only a few seconds to capture the attention of your audience. Think of what colors, text, font or images you will need to employ during that time-span in order to deliver your message successfully to your audience.

With these five great easy tips anyone can maximize their full marketing design potential. For more great tips, check out our 5 Best Marketing Design Tips that Everyone Should Know [Part 3].

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