5 Best Ways to Add Spice to Your Instagram Feed (Part 2)

Add Spice to Your Instagram Feed

Social media is one of the most powerful forms of marketing. But, reaching your audience and driving them to action can be tricky. Design is important for social media, as it helps make your brand more accessible and engaging. Social media sites have increasingly become all about the design, so it’s critical to plan your brand’s visual identity carefully to ensure that you’re a high-performing company through all channels. Here are the 5 best ways to add spice to your Instagram Feed.

Captioned Reels
When you make reels definitely do not forget to add captions if someone is speaking. It is already a common feature in Instagram and it will automatically capture captions along to the audio. Plus it’s super easy and greatly improves the visual experience of your reels.

Use Brand Images
At the core of all your images and content, you can try to incorporate your brand logo. This can be done directly or indirectly. For instance, you could subtly incorporate subjects that resemble the logo of your brand. If your logo was a brown bear, think how could you incorporate it into an image? Maybe as a stuffed teddy bear near the forefront of the image or a leaf in the shape of the company logo? Think outside the box and get creative!

Make Collages
Collages are a great way to show off multiple products and images. Consider taking multiple perspective shots of your product. Then combine all the images into a collage to add some visual spice for your profile.

Make Data Visual
Instagram doesn’t have to be a place full of pretty pictures. Presenting fun facts, data or memes can be other means of interactive content.

Don’t Overlook Video Thumbnails
Making Instagram reels are a great way to attract new followers. However, having a clean, professional thumbnail is also important. As potential customers scroll through your profile, the perfect thumbnail may be just the bait needed to entice them to click on a reel.

Want More Help?
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