5 Best Ways To Promote Your Youtube Channel (Part 4)

Youtube is the largest video-sharing network in the world, making it a platform that many businesses use to promote their brands. However, neglecting this platform can lead to missed opportunities. Here are the 5 best ways to promote your Youtube Channel.

Create Video Teasers
Mini videos are a great way to tease your audience. They’re short, animated graphics designed to pique their interest in a new video but not make them feel rushed or obligated to watch it in its entirety.

Use these video teasers to get your audience more invested in the full video. If they don’t find the story interesting enough, they might not watch it through to its end. Many people also use them as a way to gauge how well their content is doing, so it’s important to keep your audience engaged.

Make Awesome Banner Art
What’s the first thing someone sees when they stumble across your YouTube channel? A banner ad that displays your brand personality, beautifully designed and professionally shot. Your banner is your opportunity to truly communicate who you are and what you do. That means it needs to be bright, eye-catching, aesthetically-pleasing and full of personality. But most importantly—it should also be informative and succinct.
Once your viewers see your channel branding, they’re instantly curious about what you do and where to find it! To help them understand, think about what makes your brand unique and put this into context by including details about your game or project.

Post On Your Blog
While video is king at the moment, don’t underestimate the power of the written word. Posting about your video on the blog section of your website is an excellent way to amplify the reach of your content.

Know the Algorithm
YouTube is also a very powerful social media platform. Like other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, YouTube has algorithms that organize the content that users see. This is in-built machine learning – they just show the most relevant videos to their viewers. So, to ensure your content is getting shown to the right viewers, it’s important to understand what YouTube likes and doesn’t like. Of course, just like any other algorithm, this changes all the time! But things like high-quality content that adds value and well-optimized descriptions never go out of style!

Translate Your Content
YouTube is a global platform that’s incredibly popular and accessible to a wide net of viewers. However, if you want to grow your audience and make your content more accessible, then adding subtitles is a great way!

YouTube offers a range of ways to add subtitles to your videos, including adding your own from an external tool, using their automatic, machine-generated or translations (although the accuracy varies!) or community contributions. Adding subtitles is also a great way to make your content more accessible to hard-of-hearing or deaf viewers, non-native speakers, and viewers in loud environments. That means more eyes and ears on your content!

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