5 Best Ways to Stay Creative Under Pressure

A challenge every designer will face is to stay creative under pressure. When faced with different project deadlines even the most experienced can buckle under the weight of challenges. Luckily, here are five tips that might help you stay in your creative zone.

Reduce Distractions
Don’t get distracted! Distractions are the killers of creativity and productivity. When we are distracted we lose our pace, sense of time and workflow. Even if something as simple as checking our phone might lead us down the rabbit hole to checking our mail, youtube or instagram. So don’t get tempted by distractions!

Don’t Feel Guilty to Take a Rest
This cannot be emphasized enough. Rest! It’s normal to feel guilty to take a rest when you have a deadline or are under pressure. But if you don’t rest up, you won’t be able to put your best efforts into your designs. So take that rest!

Look For Inspiration
When you are under pressure it’s quite normal to become overly focused. When this happens our creative juices become stifled. Thus, we need to de-focus in order to invigorate our creativity. Go on a walk, take a hike, watch some tv. You will be able to find inspiration in the most unlikely of places.

Don’t Stress It
When under pressure people tend to overthink things. They over examine fine tuning and fuss over the smallest details. But really there’s no need to stress out. There’s no need to waste time to make every small bit perfect if the overall design is great already! So don’t worry about the small things!

Use Deadlines
The best tip to stay creative is to use deadlines. But don’t have one major deadline looming over the horizon. Just use mini-deadlines to track your progress. If you break up your big design project into smaller parts to be completed, you will be able to manage these tasks while still staying in your creative zone.

As you gain more experience working with designs, you will learn what works and what doesn’t work for you when coping with difficult challenges. Whether it is taking a rest, or putting away your phone, once you find out what works for you, you will become better at coping with pressure.

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