5 Color Secrets Only Designers Know

Designers know a lot about color! Here are 5 color secrets only designers know! Let’s dive in!

Use Color to Create Contrast and Emphasis.

Some designers choose to use light or bright colors to make their design stand out on the page. Others prefer opposing colors on the color wheel to make their images seem vibrant and exciting. So experiment with using contrast to make certain elements stand out in your designs.

Create a Mood by using Certain Colors

Yellow can give your design a cheerful feeling. Blue can make your design look calm and peaceful. Or you can use red to give your design a strong, powerful feel. Color psychology, or how color is perceived in the individual, is something that cannot be overlooked. In addition, be sure to check out how the same color can represent different meanings towards different cultures.

Create Color Moodboards

There is nothing wrong with searching and collecting different color palettes. Understanding how certain colors can work together can help to elevate your designs. Having a moodboard will allow you to organize your color combinations so that you can visually see how they correspond together. So try finding different sources of color palettes that may interest or inspire you!

Experiment with Complementary Colors to Create New Looks

These colors are opposite each other on the color wheel. If you use complimentary colors together in a design, they can lead to surprising results. For example, try using blue and orange to create a fun and creative look in your design. Or try pairing teal and purple together to give your viewers a unique and interesting visual experience.

Pay Attention to Current Trends in Color and Design

The best way to stay on top of the latest trends is to use Pinterest, Instagram or other social media to find new ideas and inspiration. For instance, creating a design based on the color of the year can help you to aspire to greater creative possibilities.

By following these simple steps you can create beautiful designs and make the most out of your use of color.

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