5 Cool Tips To Effectively Use Text and Images in Design

From billboards to posters to websites to business cards, many of these designs have one thing in common. And what is that? It is one of the most basic building blocks of design, the combination of text with image. While simply slapping a catchy slogan on an image may seem like an easy design creation, its effective execution can be a bit more tricky. Luckily this article is here to help you. So, in this article we will share five cool tips to effectively use text and images in design.

Choose Composition
The arrangement and placement of your design elements can effectively enhance the visual experience of your design or break it. When we are looking at the composition of your design, we need to be concerned with how the text and image are utilized. For example, for your design you may want to leave a good amount of clear space for your text. If you are doing a magazine cover featuring a horizontal landscape, you might want to utilize the sky as where you place your text. Often nature images where there are large areas of water or sky can be used for space to place text. This uncluttered area allows your text to shine.

Pursue Balance
When you are trying to find a good composition, ideally we try to aim for balance! After all, imagine a see-saw with a mouse on one side and an elephant on the other. In this scenario it’s easy to imagine things getting unbalanced. Likewise, when we want to make good designs, we don’t want one side that is too visually heavy.

So examine your designs. See how they are organized? Do they look busy or cluttered? Knowing all your content on one side or having your spacing and alignment off could ruin your design’s balance.

Think of Your Background

Your background is an ideal place to put your text. There are two ways to go about creating this. The first way is to choose an image with empty space. If there is a large clear area, it can provide the space to put in your text. This is because a space that is less detailed is less distracting. The next way is to add a solid color shape. Doing so can help draw attention without being too overwhelming.

Carefully Choose Your Image

Choosing the right image is important! Your image is more than just a pretty image in the background. It can lend emotion, tone, context and meaning to your design. Your image becomes a communication tool in conjunction with your text to your audience. So think of how your image and text work together to sell your marketing message.

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