5 Graphic Design Trends that will Dominate in 2024

Graphic Design Trends

Welcome to the design landscape of 2024! Here are 5 trends that you need to know to stay ahead of the curve. So buckle down and strap in tight as we go over our cheatsheet of what you need to know about the exciting trends of 2024 for graphic design. 

AI Powered Designs

AI is the perfect design wingman in 2024! Let it streamline your workflow and boost your creativity. Working under unreasonably tight deadlines? AI generated designs can offer you a helping hand by generating creative original templates on the fly. Imagine if the AI can deliver you custom color schemes and mood boards based on data of your target audience. Tools like automatic image resizing and background removal allows you to free up that precious time from tedious tasks so you can deliver your best under tight deadlines. If you need help, offers a range of creative templates and tools that cater to this trend, allowing designers to create stunning visuals powered by AI.

The Dark Knight design templates are heavily inspired by techno punk. These templates blend elements of futuristic dystopian societies, advanced technology, neon coloured font with a sleek minimalist design, allowing artists to explore the depths of this exciting aesthetic. They are perfect for any tech related post, ad or blog! To explore the full collection of our handpicked ad templates and start designing visually stunning ads, visit our ad template gallery now. Elevate your marketing game with these professionally crafted designs at!

Experimental Typography

What the heck is experimental typography? Think of a graffiti artist spray painting letters on the wall. It’s a little bit playful, edgy, and unpredictable. Basically it can group anything that isn’t your boring old predictable, neat, perfectly aligned fonts. So shake up 2024 with some 3D, or hand-drawn funky lines or animation. Experimental typography pushes the boundaries of art by injecting personality in every character.

Experience the avant-garde allure of our Godard-inspired ad templates. Embrace boldness, challenge conventions, and captivate your audience with a visual narrative that defies expectations.


Graphic designers are increasingly integrating heatmap-like color gradients and textures into their works. What this does is that it makes for an interesting visual spectacle, perfect for capturing attention and adding dynamism to posters and graphics. So get ready to see this trend everywhere from social media posts to packaging designs.

Ignite the spark of love with our Heart design templates, crafted to express affection in all its forms. Co-created by AI and human designers, these templates feature a variety of AI-generated heart shapes that symbolize love and emotion. Complemented by a vast library of AI-generated stock visuals, our Heart design templates offer endless possibilities for creating heartfelt social media posts, advertisements, blog graphics, and more. Embrace the power of love and let our Heart design templates infuse your projects with warmth and sentimentality.

 AR Intergration

AR is becoming an integral part of graphic design. In 2024, design gurus are seamlessly integrating AR elements into their creations. AR provides not only a visual spectacle but an interactive and engaging experience for viewers. So stay ahead of the curve by including AR components into your work to ensure your designs stay on the cutting edge of innovation. 

Relive the magic of timeless romance with our Love Story design templates, inspired by the iconic film “Love Story” directed by Eric Segal. Designed to showcase your relationship’s origin story and enduring love, these templates feature stunning arrangements that capture the essence of nostalgia and heartfelt emotion. Co-created by AI and human designers and complemented by a rich collection of AI-generated stock visuals, our Love Story design templates offer a captivating canvas for sharing your romantic narrative. Celebrate your love story in style with our Love Story design templates.

Futuristic Nostalgia 

Check out nostalgic futurism. Think of those retro-futuristic elements of bygone eras with a modern twist. Designers understand this allure for old-age classics. Using, designers can use the latest tools like modern filters, effects and templates that capture the essence of nostalgia while projecting it into the future. 

So unleash your creativity in 2024 with these 5 top trends. Whether it is incorporating AR elements or AI powered designs, 2024 is your time to make your visual statement!

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