5 Important Ways Everyone Should Know To Build Your Brand On Social Media (Part 1)

Build Your Brand On Social Media

More and more companies are turning to social media to boost their brand image and reach new audiences. Afterall, social media is the key to generating new leads, creating new business opportunities, and most importantly, building a brand that people love. However, knowing what to do to build your brand on social media can be tricky. That’s why we will introduce five ways everyone should know about brand building on social media.

Create Informative Content
How do we get consumer attention and engagement to our brand? By creating informative content of course! More people are turning to social media for information and news. By providing informative, educational content, people will be more likely to find you and engage with your brand.

Let Brand Ambassadors Create Content
Let your brand ambassadors share and spread enthusiasm about your brand to their followers. They are typically your happiest, most engaging followers. You can take a creative approach to how you want to engage your brand ambassadors. Consider a one day take over of your instagram account? Maybe allow them to share stories or create a reel? Maybe ask for a “day in the life” using your product? Be sure to offer incentives for them to create content for you like a discount or free product.

Test Various Platforms
To build a robust, active community, you need to experiment with various social media platforms. Don’t limit yourself to one platform. As you test different platforms, you may find that your videos perform better on youtube than facebook. Or that your images perform better on instagram than linkedin. Use your findings to know what platform works best to better engage with your consumers.

Use Short Form Video Content
Short videos are a fun and creative way to entertain your audience and show off your brand personality. Explore different video trends, film behind-the-scenes videos, or short educational content. There’s tons of short form video content or reels available online to get inspired by.

Refresh Your Brand Content
If you decide to refresh your brand, it’s a great opportunity to share the progress, interact with followers and create new content. Share new and different looks and ask for feedback. Share a behind-the-scenes reel about the rebranding and gather community input for their opinion. People always love to share their thoughts and opinions.

Hopefully these five ways to build your brand on social media will give you new ideas to approach your goals. For more tips check out: 5 Important Ways Everyone Should Know To Build Your Brand On Social Media (Part 2).

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