5 Tips for Spotting Bad Graphic Design

Good graphic design doesn’t mean just having nice pictures. Rather it’s the visual experience that connects your product to your target audience. Carefully constructing this experience ensures that your product not only reaches the eyes and ears of your potential customers but also leaves a lasting impression of the product or service. Therefore, it’s important to note how to spot potential mistakes in your design.

In this article, we’ll show you five easy tips to spot common graphic design mistakes and improve your visual message.

Audience? What Audience?
The first thing to consider when designing is who is it for and is it understandable from their viewpoint? You can have the most beautiful image, but if it takes a long time for your audience to understand the message or product then we have a problem. While an aesthetic image is important, your main goal should be to make a design that is simply understandable for your target viewer.

Who Cares About Colours?
A crucial point to watch out for is colours! Choosing the right colours can effectively enhance your visual message by setting a tone or feel. Utilizing opposing colours can create contrast and capture attention while similar colour tones can create harmony and visually pleasing experience. Understanding how colours will affect psychology and human behaviour will help you choose the right colour palette for your message. Therefore, picking a colour wheel is important because you will need to choose the suitable colours for your product.

Where’s the Balance?
Balance can make or break your graphic design. Have you seen a website that goes over the top with colours, texts and designs? One issue designers have is understanding the delicate balance between content and space. Too much content creates a sense of crowdedness that actually decreases the readability and leads to over-stimulation for the viewer. However, too little can make the image look too empty. Finding that right balance is key to delivering a visual experience that is appealing and understandable for the viewer.

Huh? Placement?
A big rookie mistake is mismanaging text and picture. If the picture overwhelms the text, it can be visually confusing for the viewer to understand the message. Rather than focusing on each aesthetic component, it’s important to see the whole picture. Keep in mind that pictures and text should compliment each other than compete for attention.

What’s this about Font Type?
Simply put, a graphic designer cannot overlook the complex art form that is text design. Choosing the right font type will enhance your overall composition of your art. Don’t use too many different kinds of fonts. Too many kinds of fonts look messy. Stick with at maximum to three or four fonts for your design.

Being able to spot bad graphic design is a skill that will lead you to creating the best design possible. These five tips are a great way to decipher what makes a graphic design a great work or not.

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