5 Tips to Attract Customers to Your Business on Instagram

Attract Customers to Your Business on Instagram

Social media is a must for any brand and business seeking new customers. Instagram, a platform where anyone can post videos, aesthetic photos, reels and stories, is one of the most trending apps used by people and businesses. If you are looking for ways to hack into getting more customers to your business, then here are five ways you can use social media to garner that attention.

Post Regularly
You won’t get any attention if you only post once in a while. Consider posting on a regular consistent basis. Whether once everyday or three times a week, you need to post on a consistent basis. Also, try to avoid blasting tons of content at once. So keep posting regularly as possible with aesthetic and interesting content.

Create an Aesthetic Portfolio
A portfolio is exactly what Instagram is all about! It is a collection of all your photos, videos, reels and content. It is the amalgamation of all of your work! So if you want to attract potential customers you need to grab their attention with a portfolio that stands out and looks good. Some tips can include having a consistent theme, or a certain palette of colors used so that all of the content is consistent and aesthetically pleasing.

Use Instagram Stories
Instagram stories are sort of like snapchat. They are temporal pieces of content that last for 24 hours. It’s a great and easy way to show behind the scenes content and to garner follower engagement and retention.

Be Active
The more likes and comments on your content, the greater chance that Instagram’s algorithm will boost it to new people. If you are liking and commenting on other people’s photos and being active, the more likely you are to have

Think About Color and Composition
Don’t just stick any photo onto your feed. Think about the colors and elements that compose each photo. Think of how all the images collectively work together as a portfolio on your instagram as well. There should be an aesthetic consistency to all of them. It won’t make sense if one photo is black and white, and another photo is vividly colorful.

So there you have it! Five easy tips to attract customers to your business on instagram. Sometimes it can be difficult to create content that stands out amongst competition.

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