5 Top 3D Avatar Inspirations: Part 1

Whether you are a brand or a 3D designer, finding inspiration for creating a 3D avatar might be tricky. In this article we will be introducing you to five avatar creators that might help inspire you to pursue even greater design heights.

Leo Natsume
Utilizing a colorful, wacky and fun palette, Leo breathes life and personality into his creations. His fun designs almost come off as a mix between realistic yet cartoonish. A designer in reality, his client list includes Google, Instagram, Microsoft, and Disney.


Following cartoonish design, Paperpillar is a design agency that showcases tips and tricks in creating 3D avatars. Definitely check out their instagram page for creative insight or following their build guides for some easy 3D character designs.

Jeremiah Shaw
A 3D illustrator, animator and designer, his work can be best described as a mix between the real and fantastical. Utilizing a neutral color palette for the background, his abstract subjects are displayed in a wondrous rainbow of colors.

Bradley Ackerman
Filled with cute cartoonish characters, Bradley’s instagram account is a mixture of fun 3D characters to fantastical dreamy settings.

If you need more inspiration for 3D characters or animations then look no further. Oto’s work ranges from the cartoonishly cute chibi-eque characters with bright eyes to objects and houses.

If you find other creators that give you inspiration for your characters and designs then let us know in the comments! For more great tips and tricks with 3D design follow is a design tool that comes with hundreds of custom designer templates. With an easy-to-use user interface, no design skills are required. Best of all, it’s totally free!

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