5 Top 3D Avatar Inspirations: Part 2

FInding inspiration for 3D character design can be quite tricky when it comes to starting a project. Whether you are a seasoned 3D modeling guru or a novice, it’s difficult to know where to start or even feel inspired to create something. To help joggle up some of your creative juices, we will be introducing five 3D avatar sources of inspiration. Let’s go!

If you love popular anime, game culture and fantasy tropes then look no further. Antoniomelloart is a Brazilian 3D artist whose artwork is inspired by popular anime culture such as Cyberpunk: Edge Runners and SpyxFamily as well as more fun projects.

A fan of the grotesque, marvelous_mikee’s artwork is uniquely distinct in its series of fascinatingly upsetting 3D images. All of his works revolve around a central theme of a popular cartoon character design distorted to extreme levels of disturbing 3D horror. Their video breakdown of some of their deranged character design processes will definitely either inspire or shock you.

Art director at Sony for the God of War series, his instagram account showcases many of his personal creative 3D designs of popular games like Bowser and Star Fox and meme tropes like Pepe the Frog. He also offers classes on his instagram page as well.

An experienced character modeler at Disney Animations Studio, ale.finessart’s art style can be best described as Disney/Pixar-esque. Many of her 3D subjects showcased include concepts based on varying artist works that inspired her as well as art challenges.

A playful digital sculptor, William’s work is immersed in vibrant colors and dream-like surrealism. Whether it be red skulls with tentacles growing out of the eye sockets, or vintage cars melting like chocolate, his imaginative creations will surely inspire you to create something out of this world.

If you find other creators that give you inspiration for your characters and designs then let us know in the comments! For more great tips and tricks with 3D design follow is a design tool that comes with hundreds of custom designer templates. With an easy-to-use user interface, no design skills are required. Best of all, it’s totally free!

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