5 Trending 3D Art Styles for Instagram that Everyone Should Know

Trending 3D Art Styles for Instagram

3D art is starting to pick up momentum on social media. Here are five top trending 3D art styles for Instagram that everyone should know!

Realism is all about creating something life-like. Whether it’s recreating the crisp textures of the human face or the environment of the forest, realism brings feelings of immersion and satisfaction to viewers.

This is where you let your imagination run wild. Whether it’s steam-punk or fantasy or futuristic, you are creating something unbelievable and out of this ordinary world. Yet you still maintain a level of realism which creates a sense of believability despite how fantastic it is.

Photorealism is taking realism on steroids. Don’t get the two confused. Photorealism is all about creating an object just as it looks in real life. If you put a photorealistic and real object beside each other, you wouldn’t even be able to see the difference between the two.

Don’t get cartoons confused with anime. Just for the sake of clarity in this article cartoons will refer to more Western oriented characteristics as opposed to more Japanese characteristic designs. Cartoons cover a lot of ground in how diverse they can be. Look at the art designs from Pixar/Disney to Adventure Time to Superhero Classics like DC or Marvel.

Anime are Japanese cartoon designs. However, anime design is equally immense. It is a large field with its own diverse and distinct categories. Anime has boomed across East Asia and has become a global phenomenon.

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