5 Ways For Designing with Backgrounds (Part 2)

When it comes to designing, background is one of the most important pieces of your design puzzle. Whether you’re creating a website, an infographic or just working on your own project, using backgrounds to tie everything into a cohesive look is the perfect way to enhance your design. But what goes into creating an effective background? How do you know what looks good and what doesn’t? And what techniques should you use when adding backgrounds to your designs? Read on to find out more about creating effective and interesting backgrounds and how to create them yourself!

Transparent Image Background

Using a transparent background is a great way to employ visual interest without it becoming overpowering. Increasing transparency in your background will decrease the level of noise or detail. Doing so will make the elements in your foreground easier to read. Just don’t go overboard by making your background so transparent that it looks weak. We want the transparency to benefit the text.

Pattern Background

Patterns can be a great way to add fun and interest in your designs. But just like many techniques, you will have to be careful of your patterns. Make sure that your patterns do not create too much visual stimuli that it detracts from your content and text.

Illustrated Background

Adding illustrations can be a great marketing tool geared for a younger audience. They can be playful and add an interactive element for your viewer. However, just ensure that the illustrations do not drown out your marketing message. A good way to do so is to ensure balance and hierarchy is established in your designs.

White Background

Simplicity is a great way to ensure that there are no overpowering elements in a design. So don’t underestimate the use of white space. Think of your white background as a tool to enhance and draw focus to your elements.

Blurred Background

Using a blurred background is a great way to add interesting shapes and form while allowing the content of your design to stand out. The trick to using blurred images effectively is to preserve some element of detail or texture which will allow for some visual interest for the viewer.

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