5 Ways to Get Better at Crafting Text Prompts for AI

Crafting text prompts can be a pain. Although using AI tools for graphic designs is a game-changer for any content creator, brand designer and social media marketer, crafting effective text prompts for AI-generated designs often requires a unique approach. Remember, AI generators are machines. They do not understand the world and nuances like us humans can. Rather they would understand details, patterns and relationships within a dataset. Getting the output you want is therefore highly dependent on your skill of carefully crafting the correct text prompt. But not to worry, we got you covered! So here are five tips to help you effectively craft text prompts to maximize the impact of your AI- generated social media graphics. For the sake of convenience, we will be using our proprietary prompt to design engine at as an example! (#shamelessplug – check it out today for all your design needs!)

Know Your Audience

When crafting text prompts, tailor your text prompts with words that resonate with your target audience. Understand their wants, preferences and interests. Are they drawn to inspiration or humor? By positioning your text prompts with the tastes of your audience, you will create a connection that goes beyond visuals. With‘s prompt to design features, you can experiment with various fonts, sizes and styles to ensure your messaging seamlessly matches your audience’s expectations.  

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Describe the Content & Subject

When crafting a text prompt, we want to be as descriptive as we can. Now that we know the personality of your target audience, we can better craft a list of descriptive words that would align with them. When we start the prompt, we should think of how we want the content to look? For example, what style is it? Is it anime? Comic style? Should it look realistic or illustrated? With‘s prompt to design engine in mind, we can start the prompt with:

  • Design an illustration of….
  • Design a 3D render of …..
  • Design a photograph of…

After that we can write the subject and the other prompt text that will describe the image. For instance:

  • Design a 3D render of Overwatch-style girl in a standing pose, Anime, Digital Art, Futurism, Jeff Koons, Overwatch Inspired Girl, Cyberpunk Girl with Guns, Futuristic Female Warrior, Dynamic angle, Clean and simple background, Overwatch-style girl standing pose 3D, OC rendering, Unreal 5

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Use Artists Names and Art Styles

Still having trouble with finding inspiration when crafting your text prompts on Try using different artist names and styles like Jeff Koons, Da Vinci, or Murakami. Using Art styles like anime, digital art, futurism, or surrealism can help the AI to piece together what you aim to create from its dataset. You could also employ names of famous video game characters if it aligns with the image that you want to create. Just remember adjectives are your friends! So try and experiment with being as descriptive as you can!

Keep it Simple

While we want to experiment with using different words to describe what we want to create to the AI, it’s also important to use keywords that the AI can recognize. So stay away from complicated and uncommon words. Also don’t overwhelm the prompt by being overly descriptive and don’t use words that contradict each other. An ideal prompt size would stick between 3 to 10 words.

Check Out Other People’s AI Art

Don’t be shy to check out the creations of the AI art community. Go explore on Midjourney. You could learn a lot and see what prompts people are using and what are the current trends in the AI generated design landscape. So go explore and learn! 

Mastering the art of crafting effective text prompts is a game-changer in the realm of social media graphic design. By understanding your audience you can create a list of descriptive keywords that align with their interests. Keep your prompts simple but don’t be afraid to experiment! Check out and explore the AI generated art community on Midjourney. By following these tips, you can elevate your text-prompt game and transform your designs into powerful communication tools.

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