5 Ways to get Inspired NOW!

Ways to get Inspired

We all feel uninspired sometimes.

But good news everyone! This is just a natural part of the creative process and everyone struggles with this at some point in time. It’s totally normal! The next time you’re stuck in a creative dead zone, read this list to help you get inspired NOW!

1) Get out and about!
Get out of the house and go somewhere new. A new environment can spark inspiration by giving you a new way of looking at things.

2) Listen to some new music
Perhaps you should switch up your classical music for some jazz or rap! Get outside your conform zone and try something new.

3) Learn something new
Go watch some nature documentaries on youtube or just explore some new topics! You never know where you new source of inspiration can come from

4) Think about your childhood hobbies
What did you like to do when you were a kid? We often put away our childhood hobbies for more mature and adult pursuits as we get older, but connecting with your inner child can be a great way to get creative. There’s no reason to be embarrassed for busting that Play-doh out or taking a water color break no matter how old you are!

5) Keep an Inspiration Collection
Start becoming a hoarder of any and all inspirational materials. Build your collection now so that when you’re feeling low on original ideas, you could review some of these in order to get the wheels turning again. These can be anything from prompts, magazine clippings, etc.

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