7 Ways to Find Creative Inspiration for Design

Creative Inspiration for Design

Inspiration can come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a professional magazine artist or 3D modeling guru, a little bit of inspiration can take your projects to the next level. But sometimes finding that right inspiration can be tricky even for the pros. Luckily there are plenty of tips to find that inspiration.

Make Time To Play
Fool around and have fun creating something! Sometimes inspiration and creativity can be found when things aren’t taken so seriously. Just as spending time on work and projects is essential, so is play. Make mistakes and just go with the flow.

Copy that
Sometimes creativity requires you to learn from the best. People often think creative inspiration means that they need to push boundaries. And when they can’t they fall into frustration. But oftentimes you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Some great artists have recycled the same idea in various designs. Find something you made that you love. Find out what it is that you love about it, why it works and how you can replicate it again. Feel free to add any new ideas and creative directions into the mix.

Hit Up Some Museums or Art Galleries
Sometimes searching up historical gems can open one to new experiences. There are many amazing pieces of art in public galleries which may offer a more personal experience to finding inspiration than looking up things on the internet.

Take a Walk
Whenever you feel yourself in a rut, sometimes the best way is to go on a walk. Soak up some sunshine and embrace yourself in your surroundings. Sometimes you may find something unexpected outside whether it’s new architecture, weird cars, or a small leaf. Going on a mindful stroll can lead to new sources of inspiration.

Go on a Trip
Embark on a wanderlust adventure. Exploring new places, smells, sights, sounds and experiences will expand your visual library. Travel can help open your mind to new creative possibilities.

Check out Instagram
Instagram isn’t just a place to share pictures of what you ate yesterday. It’s also a great place to find inspiration. Try to follow more accounts that you can draw inspiration from. Not just designers, but any accounts that could include bakers, cartoon artists, memes, or anyone that uploads on a regular basis can be a unique source of inspiration.

Look up Pinterest
Pinterest is a gold mine of inspirational content. Pinterest is a free to use social media platform where users can upload and curate images and videos onto Pinterest boards. You can find a plethora of different art styles, designs, illustrations and art which can all lead to new sources of creative exploration.

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