A Quick Guide To Instagram Reels

Reel is the short-form video app that has taken over Instagram. These days, we’re all Reeling to create something spectacular and share it onto our followers’ feeds. This guide will help you understand what Reels are and how you can use them to increase your engagement, traffic and sales. Whether you’re posting Reels on your Instagram account or creating Reels as part of an offline marketing strategy, we’ll explain how they work and give some tips on how to get started with this new trend. Here is a quick guide to instagram reels.

So Why The Heck Are Reels So Important?
A Reel is a short video that you want to share on Instagram. It’s just like the name suggests: a reel of video content, taken in one continuous take. However, instead of being shot by professional filmmakers and film directors, Reels are created by ordinary people — You. These striking images were taken with the iPhone camera or another mobile phone and edited using popular apps like Instagram. So if you want your brand to be seen by many people, better get to explore how to make the most with Reels! Let’s start!

Tip 1: Explore What’s Trending
The best way to discover what’s trending is on the Explore feed for Reels. You can also simply create your own video about whatever you want, the main rule is there are no rules. From a branding perspective, it’s best to keep your Reels aligned with your brand and other content.

Tip 2: Always Use Captions
Captions can be used in addition to audio descriptions (AD) or closed captions (CC). They are a fantastic way to enhance the accessibility of your content while also providing text content. If someone is watching your Reel, and they can’t have the volume up, having captions could be the difference between them skipping past it immediately, or engaging with it. It’s easy to do with Instagram. When you are making your Reel, simply click on stickers and select the “Caption” Sticker. This feature will use your Reel audio to automatically make captions for you. It’s so easy!

Tip 3: Use Remix To Join Trends
There’s a trend in remixing that’s been going strong for a few years now. The idea is to combine your own video with someone else’s, usually a viral video. Most of the time, this is used as a joke or some sort of social commentary on a meme, but there are plenty of creative ways you can use it to create some fun creative possibilities like duets, remixes and reaction videos. Here are some basic steps.

In the Reels explore feed, find a video you want to remix. Find the three dots in the bottom right corner, tap and then tap ‘Remix This Reel’. You will see the original Reel to the left and your new recording to the right. This is when you can edit the content, such as changing audio, sound and effects. When you finished editing, click done!

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