A Quick Guide to Niche Marketing

You can’t please everyone, as the well-worn proverb goes. In fact, one of the most critical rules of marketing is that you need to target a different audience than your competitors do. Niche marketing is the way to do that. In a nutshell, niche marketing targets a very specific audience, very well. Here is a quick guide to niche marketing

So What Exactly is Niche Marketing?
Niche marketing is an advertising strategy that targets a section or subset of an entire market. Rather than marketing to anyone and everyone, it hones in on a particular group of potential customers who are most likely to benefit from it.

What’s It Good For?
Targeting everyone is not exactly a successful strategy. Rather than pandering to a broad audience, targeting a niche audience is a definitely more effective, easier and cost-effective strategy. For instance, marketing ‘womenswear’ to all women is going to be really hard. But, if you narrow it down to a niche, say, gothic, or sportswear, it is far easier to know where to channel your marketing efforts to.

So How Can You Get Started?
Well first of all, you need to know where your market is? What are you trying to sell, and who are you trying to get your message across to? For a quick exercise, make a customer market profile. Narrow down your target market by asking questions like what is the demographic, geographic location, buying habits, and pain points. If your business sells sports equipment, ask if it sells to young professionals? Then ask if it sells towards females of the group? Perhaps it specifically is targeting young females interested in martial arts. Try to narrow down your questions to get a general idea of how you want to be communicating with. Now that we know who we want to target, we need to know how to tell them what we are offering them.

So think about your specific target audience. What is their tone of voice? What platforms do they use? What is the best way to communicate with them? Do they conjugate at farmer markets or are they on instagram all the time? All this entails knowing your audience fully.

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