Five Design Quotes to Start Your Day Creatively (Part Two)

Creativity is all around us, as long as you have the eyes and patience to find and realize it. To help, here are five design quotes to start your day creatively.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”
Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was an American businessman famous for innovation and design-thinking as well as co-founding Apple. Design is not just a tactile or aesthetic thing. Rather design has function.

“Thinking about design is hard but not thinking it can be disastrous.”
Ralph Caplan

Ralph is a public speaker, writer and design consultant. His quote brings to light how important design is for society. Even if design can be difficult, it is a serious necessity that cannot be overlooked.

“Design is the intermediary between information and understanding.”
Hans Hoffman

Hans was one of the most influential and important postwar American artists. A painter and a teacher, his quote is about how the designer is the medium to relaying understanding and information to the masses.

The alternative to good design is always bad design. There is no such thing as no design.”
Adam Judge

Adam is a designer and author of “The Little Black Book of Design”. His quote emphasizes that everything is designed. Whether it is a good or bad design, the world is not without ever having design.

“Color does not add a pleasant quality to design-it reinforces it.”
Pierre Bonnard

A post-impressionist painter and printmaker, Pierre Bonnard’s quote showcases how adding color doesn’t just make the design look pretty. Rather color should be used to compliment the design to bring out the best visual experience.

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