How to Find Inspiration

Ever feel like you’re running out of ideas?

Daily life can sometimes be overwhelming. Deadlines, clients, and vague guidelines can often leave you directionless and uninspired.

It’s not easy pumping out creativity on demand, so we have put together a list that might help you get it flowing again.

Here is 6 ways to get your creative juices flowing:

Social Media
That’s right, social media isn’t the big bad time sink that your bosses say it is! Stop what you’re doing and come on over to the dark side! Pinterest, Reddit and instagram are great sources for finding inspiration online. Packed with stunning photography and design, whether it’s inspiration for a logo design, a blog graphic or a color scheme, these sites can offer a lot in terms of inspiration.

Flip through some Magazines
Design magazines – both print and online – are fantastic for inspiration. They highlighting the best of the best in the industry. The glossy pages or smart graphics are great to get you motivated. Flip through the pages. Check out the layout, color palettes, fonts, and etc, and take note of the ones that particularly inspire you.

Start collecting your own sources
So with the sources above, one of the best things you can start doing now is to begin collecting all the inspirational or interesting things that you have seen, read or heard. Save pictures, tear out pages out of magazines, make your own pinterest, and etc. Tools such as Google Drive, or Evernote can help as well to save the things that you find online that you can later use as a reference for future projects.

Get Outside and make time for yourself
Take a weekly, solo trip outside to explore something of interest, such as a trip to an art gallery, a music concert, or etc. Whatever you choose, some personal time can really help boost inspiration so get in touch with your cultural side.

Talk with your friends, and fellow creative types! You might get lucky and chance upon some great advice or a solution because they might have encountered the same problem. Even if this is not the case, talking with your friends or colleagues can help you get refocused and leave you more motivated to take on the task from another angle.

Take Breaks
Remember to take regular breaks from your project! Take 5 minutes to look out a window, or go take a walk with your dog. The fresh air will do you some good, and perhaps your brain will subconsciously think of something while you are moving. You might surprise yourself!

Online Tools
Last but not least, there are lots of free tools online that can help designers. Our favorites include Colour Lovers and Kuler, where you can experiment with color palettes.
But lets also not forget about !!! If you are having design problems, come browse our vast library of AI generated and curated design templates here at

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