Quick List: Advertising Predictions for 2024

Unveiling the Design Trends

In anticipation of the new year, our analysts have outlined several significant predictions for 2024, focusing on emerging trends that will impact the digital landscape. Within the realm of technology and marketing, key areas of interest include generative AI, attention metrics, and the evolving consumer behavior of Generation Alpha. Furthermore, the expansion of advertising into various platforms remains a prominent theme. Below, we delve into our advertising predictions for 2024:

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  1. Competition among Tech Giants in Harnessing Generative AI:
    Meta, TikTok, and YouTube are poised to engage in a competitive race to leverage generative AI capabilities, aiming to establish themselves as indispensable platforms for users. Through the application of AI filters to curate content, these platforms seek to personalize user experiences by refining content based on individual preferences. This strategy, as articulated by tech writer Ryan Broderick, involves “selling your filter bubble back to you,” enabling users to tailor their content consumption through natural language inputs. Notably, TikTok has already initiated trials of such AI-driven tools. This trend underscores the effectiveness of generative AI in customizing content delivery, potentially limiting exposure to marketers while ensuring heightened engagement among the target audience.
  2. Strategic Marketing Efforts Targeting Generation Alpha:
    With the eldest members of Generation Alpha reaching the age of 11 in 2024, advertisers are shifting their focus towards this digitally native cohort. Shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic and accustomed to social entertainment platforms like TikTok and YouTube, Generation Alpha presents a diverse and technologically savvy consumer base. As advertisers navigate this new demographic landscape, experimentation with innovative marketing tactics tailored to Generation Alpha’s preferences will be paramount. These efforts not only aim to capture the attention of Generation Alpha but also lay the groundwork for cultivating brand loyalty and future spending behaviors.

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  1. Integration of Attention Metrics in Performance Marketing:
    The evolving landscape of performance marketing in 2024 will witness the integration of attention metrics into return on investment (ROI) calculations. Attention metrics, encompassing factors such as dwell time and scroll speed, provide insights into consumer engagement with brand messaging. Through strategic partnerships and advanced ad tech integrations, performance marketers will gain the ability to measure attention metrics more comprehensively. This shift signifies a departure from traditional impressions-based metrics towards a nuanced understanding of consumer engagement, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of ad campaigns and informing real-time bidding strategies.
  2. Introduction of Cheaper, Ad-Supported Tiers:
    In response to market dynamics characterized by slowing user growth and heightened competition, companies are poised to introduce cheaper, ad-supported subscription tiers. Drawing inspiration from successful implementations on other streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney+, companies may aim to attract a wider audience through affordable ad-supported offerings. By providing access to premium features, these tiers not only diversify revenue streams but also leverage the potential of increased ad impressions. This strategic move will underscore a company’s commitment to adapting its business model to evolving consumer preferences while addressing the need for sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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