Quick Tips with working with 3D Avatars

“We don’t work with 3D” is a phrase that can be often heard from business leaders and designers. Even when 3D has proven itself time and time again to help brands save time and money, it’s still a hurdle that many are not willing to jump over.

Why does this matter? Many designers lack the skills and experience of the tools and are thus not able to capture the advantages of 3D design. In addition, 3D design has shown to shrink cost and time of delivery to showcase quality products in a revolutionary way. So here are some quick tips for working with 3D Avatars.

So how does 3D Avatars help brands get the job done?

3D Avatars makes it easy to visualize and begin the design process and can even be used to replace the product in the initial design stages. Ever want to revolutionize your brand image to showcase your product in new exciting backdrops and different angles? Using avatars and 3D design makes it all accessible to even technophobes. Whether you are utilizing 3D garments and fashion accessories, avatars can help bridge the gap from digital to reality via digital 3D design.

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