The Better list of Typography and Font Blogs for Inspiration

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Typography is a vast and vibrant field, encompassing everything from headings and body text to line spacing and font choices, both in print and digital formats. Mastering the art of lettering and text is a cornerstone of excellent design for advertising, social media, and any other kind of content. Exploring this realm is not just educational but also a delightful journey. Instead of scouring the internet for inspiration, check out these top blogs that we turn to for our fix of fonts, typography discussions, and the latest news.


For: Real Font Examples

Fonts in Use is a treasure trove for seeing how fonts perform in real-world settings. The site is divided into ‘Collection’ and ‘Blog’, with the latter offering expert critiques on font usage across various industries. You can search by formats, industries, and typefaces, with detailed write-ups explaining the choice of fonts for different projects.


For: Typography, Education and E-Com Store

I Love Typography (ILT) is a creative ecosystem combining a blog with an innovative e-commerce platform. ILT combines its blog’s signature type-related content with great fonts to license, social features that allow you to follow foundries and keep tabs on your favorite fonts. More than 100 of our favorite foundries have joined the growing ILT family, offering thousands of quality fonts for every kind of design and application.


For: Typography, Education

The TDC is a global community united by the shared belief that type drives culture and culture drives type. The TDC celebrates and amplifies the undeniable power of typography, and curates a calendar of typographic intrigues to support, grow and recognize excellence in type design across the world.


For: Typography

YSLTT archives of some of Rob Keller’s typographic art, typeface design, and photography of unique type-related finds from all over the world.


For: Typography, Design, and Vintage

Hipfonts is a collective of graphic designers who love finding and sharing typefaces. Hipfonts only promote and showcase typefaces created by independent creatives around the world.


For: Picking Fonts for Projects

Typewolf is a go-to resource for web designers and developers looking for the perfect font for their projects. It offers big, clear images of fonts in action, background information, and personal recommendations for similar fonts. Additionally, it features articles like “Flawless Typography Checklist” and other free resources that everyone loves.


For: Packaging Design

Frustrated by the lack of packaging design inspiration, Andrew Gibb created The Dieline to get designers sharing and reviewing awesome packaging. The site now features The Dieline International Awards, a designer directory, and a job board, making it a comprehensive resource for packaging design enthusiasts.


For: Typography and Testing Fonts

Formerly known as FontFeed, FontShop News is a hub for typography enthusiasts. The team behind this site is passionate about fonts, evident in their detailed articles like the 1300-word piece on Star Wars fonts. Their content ranges from new font highlights to all-time favorites and recommended lists. They also feature type designers and offer a live rendering tool for testing fonts online.

If terms like ‘kerning’ and ‘ligature’ excite you, consider Tractor’s Diploma of Graphic Design. It covers everything you need to become an outstanding graphic designer, including an in-depth study of typography.

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