Top 5 Free Business Fonts

If you are a business, you need a font that’s clean, professional, and captures who you are as a brand. Try one of these free business fonts to take your business’s design to the next level. You can find our favorite top 5 free business fonts below!

  1. Bebas Neue: Bebas Neue is a sans serif font with bold lettering and clean lines that gives off the feeling of strength and professionality. The lack of lines or curves at the end of each letter makes it feel modern and fresh. Bebas Neue is be a great fit for any corporate company that wants a modern edge.
  2. Arimo: Arimo is a sans serif font that offers clean lines and a simple, straightforward design.
  3. Glacial Indifference: Glacial Indifference is a sans serif typeface that has a very solid, sturdy feel, especially when bold. This makes it a great choice for business designs that need to make a lasting impression.
  4. Anonymous Pro: Anonymous Pro is a solid choice if you don’t want your business to come across as too corporate or pretentious. This is a playful that mixes in elements of serif and sans serif fonts for a typeface that could easily work for coding and non-coding businesses alike.
  5. Libre Baskerville: Libre Baskerville is a contemporary twist on a classic font that made small changes to optimize the font for digital space. Libre Baskerville has a classic, accessible feel, making it a solid choice for a wide range of businesses.

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