Top 5 Most Exciting 3D Designers to Follow! Part 3

3D Art is relatively new in art history, but has been making big strides to becoming a thriving industry. Here are our top 5 most interesting 3D artists to follow. Make sure to check them out to get some inspiration for your own 3D creations or personal interests.

Antonio Tudisco

A creative director and 3D visual artist based in Hamburg, his 3D rendered characters are vibrantly coloured and surreal as if they were high-end conceptual fashion shots or on the set of a music video. In fact, his unique style has brought the attention of Nike, Versace, Google, and Sony for advertising campaigns.

This 3D visual artist mainly works with Cinema 4D and After Effects to build his gorgeous, sci-fi-inspired dreamscapes. His animations, visuals and loops are best described as psychedelically haunting and involve imagery of dreams, sunsets, and outer space.

Fvckrender is a talented digital 3D artist based in Vancouver, Canada. Utilizing a cool icy color palette and disembodied forms in a futuristic surreal environment are a common theme in his animations and images.

Another artist who gets his inspiration from the cosmos, Jonathan Quitin (Studio-JQ) creates work that is filled with vibrant neon and candy-coloured splashes of color. His love for outer space can be seen with his choice of motifs in his futuristic images.

Sarper Baran
Sarper is a concept designer and 3D visual artist whose work depicts visions of a neo-noir, futuristic dystopian world. His grim-dark animations, fantastical character designs and cinematic images are epic and hauntingly beautiful.
Sarper is also a founder of Artgrab, a platform where you can find more incredible 3D artwork from talented artists.

3D art and design continue to grow in popularity. If you are looking for more inspiration then these five artists will surely get your creativity flowing.
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